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Social Media Hints and Tips For Holiday Let Owners

By on November 7, 2014 in Owner Resources

9 social media iconsWe’ve already written about how to use social media as a marketing tool for your holiday let in this post. However, as social media and digital marketing in general is an ever changing sector, we thought we would pull together some of our favourite hints and tips for getting the most out of your online marketing.

Find Your Voice – And Stick To It

People should be able to tell that a piece of online content is yours by the voice alone. So, if it pops up somewhere else on the internet, they know where it comes from – you! Decide on your voice, or tone, before committing to social media, and try and stick to it. Are you funny? Perhaps you’re an industry heavyweight? Do you fulfill the role of advice giver for certain areas perhaps? Find out which voice works for your audience and stick to it on all of your channels. It will make you a recognizable voice in the crowd.

Recycle Content

The golden rule of marketing online is to make sure that all of your channels feed into each other. There is nothing wrong with using Facebook or Twitter to promote your latest blog post, or to use Twitter to direct people towards your Pinterest for holiday inspiration, or to use your social media channels to give a sneak peak of upcoming offers, which lead back to your website. Keeping everything working together and linking back into each other will help you target a far wider market than any one channel alone, and will allow you to communicate your core message in a variety of forms! So share away…

Mix It Up

No-one likes shameless self-promotion, believe us. Only talk about your property and people will block/delete/ignore you quicker than you can snap your proverbial fingers. Mix up your content and you’ll provide a reason for people to engage with you. Why not talk about the local area, its attractions and events, share news and funny content that you find interesting, and engage with people about topics that interest them. Keeping it fresh is a winner with not only potential followers, but also with SEO and Google rankings. 

Start Conversations

Social Media is exactly that: social! These mediums are freer and more conversational than traditional forms of marketing communications – so take advantage of it! Ask questions, invite feedback, canvas opinions on a wide range of topics. You never know who you might meet over social media that turns out to be your next booking, or even better, your next biggest supporter online who can recommend you to others. Spend the time getting to know your target market and you’ll be surprised what you can learn; which can, of course, all be fed back into your strategy for future years.

Be Consistent

We cannot emphasize this point enough when it comes to successfully using social media. Commit to it and you will see results, forget about it and you might as well not have it. Social media works when people are continually there, talking to people, developing fresh content and participating in their sector’s discussion. Set a schedule and try and stick to it, so that people know when you’re going to post, and even what type of things that you are going to post about. Be consistent.

Those are our current top tips for marketing your property online. Let us know what you’ve discovered from using social media. Do you enjoy it?

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