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Why Go Self Catered & What To Expect



A self-catering holiday can be a fantastic choice if you enjoy having flexibility in your routine and are looking to keep an eye on your budget. It is often possible to pick up some very attractive deals and get a lot more space in comparison to booking an all-inclusive holiday in a hotel.

There are range of pros in going self-catered: for example, many of our guests enjoy being able to cook of themselves. Having proper cooking facilities means you have the option to eat some (or all) of your meals in the peace and comfort of your holiday home. Many families also like booking a self-catering option, as they can make sure that children eat earlier in the evening while the adults can enjoy dining later. It also helps keep costs down, which can be used for other fun activities in the area! A little forward planning in such areas will ensure that it is difficult to find a more cost-effective way of going on holiday.

Once you start booking this type of holiday, you may find it is easier getting off the beaten track…rather than stick to tried and tested hotel chains, stepping off the tourist trail and discovering a hidden cottage in the countryside will allow you to eat in a delightful café that you would never have thought to see when you are confined to a full-board holiday. Many of our guests tell us that by going self-catering they have discovered more about the area in which they stayed than they ever thought they could before!.

Equally, if looking for a holiday in which you are guaranteed complete privacy, self-catering can be the way to go when looking to get away from everyone and everything. Unlike hotels, you really can relax and feel at home in a self-catered property – having the full run of a house certainly trumps simply renting a hotel room with few amenities. Self-catered properties give you the chance to relax in your favourite manner, whether that’s reading in a comfy chair, taking a long bath, or doing some baking in the kitchen with the family. Plus, the additional space is often invaluable for families with small children to entertain, or big kids who just need their space!

It is important to remember that self-catering holidays do require holidaymakers to be more self-sufficient than would be the case if they were enjoying a hotel break. Although it is likely that the property owners or an agent will greet you, it is unlikely that you will have much interaction with ‘staff’ aside from this. As a result, it is expected that you keep the property is good condition. It is good practice on leaving the property to ensure that food-preparation areas are left tidy and that rooms are organised in a tidy manner. Provided you treat the property as you would your home, it is very likely that you will become a self-catering convert!

Our guests tell us it is well worth trying out a self-catering break. The flexibility it will afford you or your family, the value for money and the privacy this type of break affords ensures that many will choose to go self-catering time and again. Provided you are happy with the fact that there will not be staff on hand to attend to your needs regularly, and you enjoy the feeling of a home rather than a hotel stay, it is highly likely that you will enjoy this style of holiday.

We have a range of self-catered properties; from central city apartments to rural retreats perfect for the entire family. We have beautiful little hideaways in some of Scotland’s prettiest places, and something for all budgets. You can check out our range of properties here.

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